2014 Sponsors

The 2014 Cape Town Eco Film Festival was made possible by generous financial support from our sponsors:


Reliance Compost Logo 2 smallRELIANCE CARBON NEUTRAL smallAs one of only a few South African carbon neutral businesses, Reliance Compost produces 100% certified organic compost.

The company’s passion for quality and the consistent improvement of the current state of the environment have resulted in the diversion of 10 million cubic meters of green garden refuse from overflowing landfill sites in the Western Cape.

Reliance has had its composting technology approved as a greenhouse gas emission reduction method according to the guidelines of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). It is internationally recognized for its contribution to the green economy and is the only South African composting company to be registered with the United Nations.

The company’s mantra is to Grow Greener Generations, and it does this by getting involved in the community, through sponsorships, tree-planting projects and developing communal food gardens.

Reliance is a carbon neutral company.


JoJo TanksSouth African owned and operated JoJo Tanks, a BBBEE compliant company, has been the country’s leading manufacturer of polyethylene plastic storage tanks for more than 30 years. Their great range of water tanks make ideal reservoirs for domestic rainwater collection and storage, allowing you to water your garden cheaply and without depleting our scarce drinking water resources.


HemporiumHemporium is a South African hemp company, founded in 1996. We aim to educate people about hemp’s potential through the use of innovative products while creating an awareness of all that hemp has to offer. Our long term goal is to promote the cultivation and use of industrial hemp as a sustainable crop in South Africa.



Sustainable.co.za is an online eco store that aims to make it easy for the average person, business or household to improve their environmental ‘footprint’.  While many people are aware that serious local and global environmental problems exist, and that they are likely to be contributing to them in their daily lives, they have to do substantial research to find out which activities of theirs are the most environmentally damaging, as well as to find suppliers of goods or services which would help them reduce their ‘footprint’.

Few people have the time or inclination for such research, yet with access to the right products and information it is surprisingly easy to live a much more environmentally sustainable life.  Sustainable.co.za hopes to help people achieve this by providing the necessary information and a range of eco-friendly products, such as solar power, solar water heating, wind power, eco lighting and water saving products and more, all in one location.


BalloBallo was founded in Cape Town in 2013. The company creates high quality, locally designed and crafted wooden sunglasses with  spring hinges and polarized lenses that provide superior glare reduction and UV protection, all at an affordable price. The frames of their sunglasses are as environmentally friendly as possible with all wood veneers made out of off-cuts from local furniture manufactures, repurposing potential waste, and over 40% of every frame made out of an extremely strong recycled paper material. The strength of the frames makes them prescription ready.


EarthboundEarthbound is a new and exciting local Fairtrade wine range. The range consists of five varietals, four of which are also certified organically grown. 

“Earthbound wines have a conscience: from how the grapes are cultivated, to considering its carbon footprint from farm to fridge, to reinvesting in the land and its people. It’s also a high quality wine that is easy-drinking with wide appeal,” says winemaker Samuel Viljoen.

The latest premium wine innovation from Cape Legends, Earthbound wines are produced on Papkuilsfontein Vineyards in the West Coast Darling district. It is characterised by an expressive terroir of water-rich red soil, above-average rainfall and dry bush vines that collectively yield consistently good crops.


customLogoKWENCHi is the ideal Sports & Energy Drink! Produced in the most ideal  circumstances, emulating the origins of its natural environment. Cured only in bespoke wooden containers. Consisting of only organic compounds. Bottled in glass. These practices ensure KWENCHi’s very distinct superior quality and full-bodied concentrate of goodness as expected in raw kombucha.

KWENCHi is available in several naturally infused flavours. This naturally effervescent elixir is a gluten free detoxifying thirst quencher and pallet cleanser. Besides all the numerous health benefits, kombucha is a great social beverage, non-addictive and safe to consume when driving. Correctly cured kombucha does not contain alcohol, it contains highly beneficial polyphenols, a healthy alternative for those who are yeast intolerant or have other reasons to avoid conventional alcoholic beverages. Others simply prefer it because it tastes real good.