Reliance Compost sponsors the Cape Town Eco Film Festival

We’re stoked to announce that Reliance Compost – producers of 100% certified organic compost and the coolest compost company we know – is sponsoring the 2014 Cape Town Eco Film Festival!


Situated in the Boland, Reliance collects approximately 30,000 m3 of green garden refuse from drop-off facilities and landfills around the City of Cape Town every month and turns it into bountiful compost using technology that has been approved as a greenhouse gas emission reduction method according to the guidelines of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). They’ve generated in excess of 450 000 tons of CO2 carbon credits, making the businesses carbon neutral.

Reliance, which is the only South African composting company to be registered with the United Nations, has kept over 9 000 000 m3 – yes, that’s more than nine million cubic meters! – of green garden waste out of already overcrowded landfills since contracting with the city more than a decade ago.

The company has embarked on a sustainability journey since 2008. Its mission, Growing Greener Generations, is made real through donations of compost to NGOs, schools in previously disadvantaged communities, daycare centres, sports fields, and more, as well as sponsorships of worthy causes like Greenpop, Ms Earth South Africa, the Greener Municipality Award (Cape Province) and now the 2014 Cape Town Eco Film Festival.

We’re confident that the perfect fit between Reliance’s wonderful work and our festival’s vision of bringing great environmental films to Cape Town audiences will lead to a very fertile collaboration.

Thank you Reliance! It’s committed support like yours that makes an initiative like ours possible.

Find out more about Reliance Compost on their website, Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter (@OrganicReliance).

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