Meet our sponsors: JoJo Tanks

We live in a water stressed country and as global warming starts to bite ever more harshly, access to potable water threatens to become a major problem for all of us.

JoJo Tanks, who have come on board as a sponsor of the 2014 Cape Town Eco Film Festival, is a company that does some fantastic work to help us deal with this mounting challenge.

JoJo Tanks


We’re big fans of their ‘Eco Worrier’ blog and we especially love their promotion of rainwater harvesting.

A trusted industry leader, South African owned and operated JoJo Tanks provides tanks in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes to suit every need and environment, including vertical, horizontal and low profile water tanks for urban applications.

You’ve probably seen their big tanks while on road trips through the countryside, but their stylish, smaller, 750 litre JoJo Slimline™ tanks, which are particularly suited to urban rainwater collection, are becoming more and more popular.

Use the JoJo Tanks Rainwater Harvesting Calculator to work out the potential for collecting rainwater where you live and come to the festival to see a demonstration model of these great tanks in real life!


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