Don’t miss this award-winning film about honey bees

More Than Honey is a beautifully-shot Swiss documentary that explores the plight of the honey bee around the globe. It will be shown at the Cape Town Eco Film Festival at the Labia Theatre on Orange Street on Sunday the 30th of March at 6:00 pm.

Over the past 15 years, numerous colonies of honey bees have been decimated throughout the world, but the causes of this disaster remain largely unknown. Depending on the world region, 50% to 90% of all local bees have disappeared and the epidemic continues to spread from hive to hive.

Everywhere, the same scenario is repeated: millions of bees leave their hives, never to return. No bodies are found in the immediate surroundings and no visible predators can be located.

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Scientists have coined a name for the phenomenon that matches its scale, colony collapse disorder, and they have good reason to be worried: Apis mellifera (the honey bee), which appeared on Earth 60 million years before humans did, is as indispensable to our economy as it is to our survival.

More Than Honey juxtaposes the approach of the old-time bee keeper with modern methods of industrialised bee farming and searches for the reasons behind the global disappearance of entire bee colonies.


More Than Honey screens together with a great South African short film about honey bees called The Buzz for Food. The South African National Biodiversity Institute’s Tlou Masehela and local bee keeper Brendan Ashley Cooper, who are both featured in this film, will participate in a Q&A session and informal audience discussion following the screening.

Date: Sunday 30 March 2014

Time: 6:00 pm

Place: The Labia Theatre on Orange Street, Cape Town


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