Climate change is happening!

Are you still not convinced that global warming is actually real? Or that it’s a serious problem? Or that it’s being caused by humans?

Are you fed-up with hearing about endless reports from faceless “climate scientists”? Who are these scientists anyway?

If these are some of the issues you are grappling with, you’d best come and see the excellent feature-length documentary Thin Ice at the Cape Town Eco Film Festival on Monday the 31st of March at 6 pm.

The film, which was made by a scientist for a lay audience, takes us through the arguments for climate change one step at a time. We visit researchers working on the forefront of global warming issues in their laboratories and in the great outdoors as they analyse Antarctic ice cores and measure atmospheric conditions in the arctic.

Thin Ice does a fantastic job not only of explaining the science behind climate change and answering some of the questions you might have, but also of bringing us face to face with many of the international researchers who are unraveling the global warming story with increasingly convincing evidence.

A beautifully shot film that’s as educational as it is entertaining.

Date: Monday 31 March 2014

Time: 6:00 pm

Place: The Labia Theatre on Orange Street, Cape Town

Buy tickets:  Webtickets online

Reserve tickets by calling the Labia box office at 021 424 5927.


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